Facts About Film Chicago

 * Whole film budget was 30 million american dollar.
 * Working at film started 10 december 2001, and ended in may 2002
 * Film main role pretendents were celebrities just like : Madona, Laia minel, Gvinet peltrou, Jennifer lopez and Cameron diaz.

 * Films income was 171 million dollar, nowadays Chicago have the biggest income in Miramax
 * Piece according to film was made is about two murders wich happend in chicago (1924) 
 * Producer Martin Richards was able to make movie according to piece in 1970, in main roles were : Laiza minel, Gold houn and Frank sinatra.project head must be Bob Foss, but because of his death its not happend, and film was out in 2001-2002.

 * Miramax was planning to make a film in 1994 too. scenario (script) was changet seven times, but in spite of this Milos forman, Hermert poss and baz lurmann don't wanted to take a part.* Rox Number "Class" was withdrawed from film because, they decieded that it was bad work.
* In film one of the condemned role was playing well-known russian ballet-dancer Ekatherine Shelkanov.


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