Facts About Film Chicago

 * Whole film budget was 30 million american dollar.
 * Working at film started 10 december 2001, and ended in may 2002
 * Film main role pretendents were celebrities just like : Madona, Laia minel, Gvinet peltrou, Jennifer lopez and Cameron diaz.

 * Films income was 171 million dollar, nowadays Chicago have the biggest income in Miramax
 * Piece according to film was made is about two murders wich happend in chicago (1924) 
 * Producer Martin Richards was able to make movie according to piece in 1970, in main roles were : Laiza minel, Gold houn and Frank sinatra.project head must be Bob Foss, but because of his death its not happend, and film was out in 2001-2002.

 * Miramax was planning to make a film in 1994 too. scenario (script) was changet seven times, but in spite of this Milos forman, Hermert poss and baz lurmann don't wanted to take a part.* Rox Number "Class" was withdrawed from film because, they decieded that it was bad work.
* In film one of the condemned role was playing well-known russian ballet-dancer Ekatherine Shelkanov.

Electric Holiday - Animated film about fashion

Studio disney made an animated film named Electric Holiday, film is dedicated to fashion world, in main role is minnie mouse who is traveling and meeting with many well-known peoples. witch have straight or indirect touch to fashion world.
planets one of the popular person in fashion world Sarah Jessica Parker where on presentation and was leading movie with mouse.
in animated film we will see : Naomi Campbell , Anna dello russo , Carine Roitfeld , Lady gaga and others.
on presentation were supermodels too : Linda Evangelista , Crystal renn , Daria Strokous and liya kebede with family.

Here are pics:

Keira Knightley at Jey Leno's show

in 13 november , 27 years old british actress keira knightley visit jey leno's show, she was wearing Barberi's simple green gown.
in telecast she told an interesting story about "ghosts" and exposured strange talent : playing with thooth.

Here are some pics:


Daniel Craig want's to quit 007!!!

daniel craig said that he wants to quit film 007 but film bosses aren't letting him go.
his third movie skyfall (Bond) is breaking box office records, but he said that it was enough and then he added this : i've been trying to get out of this from the very moment i go intro it , but bosses weren't let me go so i agreed to play some more...

Twilight breaking down part 2 premiere in Hollywood

Yesterday in hollywood were organized premiere of the Twilight's last part, admirers
impatiently were waiting for this moment,4 days earlier in front of Nokia Theatre were gathered
most devoted fans, they were camped with tents, in order to have best places and have chance to meet
celebrities, but with the best interest they were waiting for robert and kristen's appearance, fans were in shock because kristen came on premiere with Zuhair Murad's very hot and bold gown

Here are some of pictures: